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ChongqingCity Zhousa Technology Development Co., Ltd.

        ChongqingCity Zhousa Technology Development Co., Ltd.joint Chongqing Science and Technology Research Institute and senior experts under the jurisdiction of the Biotechnology Research Institute of Chongqing,Chongqing Institute of Daily Chemical Industry,Southwest University,Third Military Medical University research institutes and universities as the support of science and technology,committed to the the daily functional raw materials research and development,and product more than thirty years more than three hundred kinds of efficacy of skin care and hair products and raw materials of research and development experience,success for the“natural active compound polysaccharides,natural active composite polypeptides,natural active compound polyphenol ”three series of products professional belongs science and Technology ,and obtained the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office issued three this enterprise exclusive trademark (including production and sales): polysaccharide experts, peptide experts,polyphenols experts!
         “More three experts,ZhousaTechnology ”not only share with you:“Green Materia Medica, health, organic, scientific compatibility, efficient composite ”trustworthy products,pay more attention to the communication and exchange of technical expertise to provide customers with effective technical support and formulation solutions, all-round to meet customers to improve product design and build, let the customers save time, save energy,save money and save worry!
“Zhousa Technology, professional focus”,follow the “natural active compound polysaccharide,natural active compound polypeptide, natural active compound polyphenols”product positioning principle,adhering to the “realistic, pragmatic,positive and innovative”spirit of enterprise,is willing with partner “sincerity,win-win”, realize“green technology,natural environmental protection and sustainable development”business goals,follow“truth, goodness and beauty”realm of life!